Totally satisfied with the service we get here! Dr. Joel is amazing with my ferrets and is super knowledgeable about them! I recommend all my ferrets and other pet parents here


I cannot say enough great things about this clinic and the staff that works there. I had moved in the past few years and have struggled to find a clinic near me, but unfortunately, this clinic is the only clinic I will ever take my current and future pets to. They are consistently treating me and all my pets like their own family. They truly care about getting you the correct information and make sure that all our concerns are resolved. Hands down the best Vet clinic I have been to, that I am willing to drive an hour to come here over any other place that is closer to me.


Dr.Joel was AWESOME!!!!!! Our 12 year old lab had a tumor removed two weeks ago. We are so thankful for great care and love for our fur baby!!!!! Very very pleased!!!!!!


Words can not describe how thankful we are for this wonderful vet clinic. Our dogs have been going there since they were puppies. We can't thank them enough for all they did for us during this extremely difficult time. To be able to say goodbye to both our elderly dogs, in our home was so important to us. If you're looking for a vet, look no further. These people are wonderful!!!


Living in Minneapolis is fantastic....unless you own a ferret and need to find a GOOD vet for them to see. I managed to find not just a GOOD vet for my ferrets - but I found a GREAT vet. I happily drive the hour+ up to Zimmerman to see Dr. Joel with my ferrets. He is amazing - super knowledgeable, down-to-earth, reasonably priced, and very kind. He does like to chit-chat about this-and-that...so his appointments tend to go long and therefore...he is usually late for his other appointments. I would trust Dr. Joel with any of my furry friends...and he is WELL WORTH the drive...


Saved my dog's life and stayed open and worked late can't thanks them enough! By far best vet been too!


Once again Dr. Joel has been there for us on non-business hours. The compassion and dedication he and his team have can't be beaten. That's why we take the drive to Zimmerman instead of going someplace closer.

Barb Witt

All Pets Veterinary Hospital & Equine Service

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Email Us: allpetsvh@yahoo.com In case of Emergencies: Anoka Equine at 763-441-3797 Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Services in St. Cloud at 320-258-3481 Blue Pearl in Blaine at 763-754-5000


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